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Grandmaster Guy Lai about Wing Chun

​​Grandmaster Guy Lai about Wing Chun

(黎應就師公詠春拳專訪) Grandmaster Guy Lai is the student of GGM Jiu Wan (Chiu Wan). He is also the action choreographer of the famous Wing Chun movies Prodigal Son and Warrior Two. This is an documentary about how Guy Lai and Samo Hung implemented Wing Chun into the movies. 

*English subtitle available.

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Wing Chun Documentary

​​Wing Chun Documentary

"Wing Chun" - a documentary sponsored by Shui On Land. The film shows how we can use Wing Chun and its philosophy to improve our daily life, as well as investigating its claims to be scientifically based.

Made in Hong Kong, China and Macau by an international production team, the documentary was directed by Seamus Walsh and produced by Bill Yip.The film's narrator is Vincent Lo Hong Sui, Chairman of Shui On Land, who shares his story of how Wing Chun has informed both his business and personal life, helping him to become one of Hong Kong's most successful businessmen.

The star of the film is Master Lui Ming Fai, a student of Master Ho Kam Ming and descendant of the Great Grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip Man. Master Lui takes us through the forms of Wing Chun as well as sharing his insight on it's elegance and practicality. The scientific testing of Wing Chun is provided by Dr. Justin Lee of Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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MMA Ground & Pound

Erik Paulson - MMA Ground & Pound

You have to get hit in the face a little bit. It wakes you up and makes you think. Punching erases your memory. When you say the five things you are going to do in the guard, each time you get punched you'll start forgetting each thing. The more you get punched, the lower your belt gets.

Punch – Punch – Punch – Stall – Hold – Control – Resilience – Motion – Smother!

Blanket them with your body weight and hit them as many times as you can. If you grapple at home, and only grapple, you need to add striking to your game to make it real!

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