Erik Paulson - MMA Ground & Pound

You have to get hit in the face a little bit. It wakes you up and makes you think. Punching erases your memory. When you say the five things you are going to do in the guard, each time you get punched you'll start forgetting each thing. The more you get punched, the lower your belt gets.

Punch – Punch – Punch – Stall – Hold – Control – Resilience – Motion – Smother!

Blanket them with your body weight and hit them as many times as you can. If you grapple at home, and only grapple, you need to add striking to your game to make it real!

About the Author Michael Punschke

Michael Punschke ist seit 1994 der Head Coach/Sifu der Fongs Academy in München. Er ist einer der Pioniere des traditionellen Kung Fu in Deutschland. Seit 1985 lernte er Kung Fu und Tai Chi bei verschiedenen Meistern in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, USA und Kanada. Er ist zertifizierter Personal Trainer in der Fitness Branche. Affiliate Coach of Erik Paulson (CSW/MMA)

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