Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man

Yip Man Biography

This is the biography of Yip Man, written down in the Yip Man Memorial Hall in Foshan.

Yip Man or Ip Man? Yip Man is the correct way in Cantonese. But his oldest son like to write his last name Ip, so for the Kung Fu movie the gave the title "Ip Man".

1893 Yip Man was born in Foshan, Guangdong

1898 At the age of 5, Yip Man received traditional Confucius education in a private school

1899-1905 (6 - 12 years old) Yip Man followed Master Chan Wah-Shun, the famous disciple of Leung Jan, to learn Wing Chun in the Ancestral Hall of Yip clan. He learnt together with his Seniors Ho Hong-Leui, Leui Yu-Zai, Ng Chung-So, Ng Siu-Lo

1905 (12 years old), Master Chan Wah-Shun died. Before Master Chan died, he reminded Yip's Senior Ng Chung-So to continue teaching Yip Man Wing Chun. Master Chan Wah-Shun's body was taken by his Kung Fu disciples and Yip Man to Chan's hometown in Shun De for burial.

1905-1907 (12 - 14 years old) Yip Man learnt Wing Chun from his Senior Ng Chung-So in Foshan together with Yuan Kai-San and You Choi. The three were later known as "The three Wing Chun Giant" in Foshan

1908 (15 years old) With the assistance of his affinity, Yip Man managed to study in Hong Kong St. Stephen's College

1909-1913 (16-20 years old) Yip Man made acquaintance with Leung Bik, the son of famous Wing Chun Master Leung Jan, by the referral of his classmate. He followed Leung Bik to enhance his skill for around four years

1914 (21 years old) Yip Man travelled frequently in between Hong Kong, Kobe and Foshan. He intended to study in Japan with his brother's help, yet, he did not go due to some other issues.

1914-1937 (21-44 years old) Yip Man worked for the army and police work in Foshan and Guangzhou, his excellence Wing Chun skills was well known in the Kung Fu world in the Southern China. He married Cheung Wing-Sing from Foshan. They had seven children, yet three died during pregnancy, and the remaining includes two sons: Yip Hok-Chun (Ip Chun) and Yip Hok-Ching (Ip Ching), and two daughters Yip Ya-Sam (Ip Sik-Ng) and Yip Ya-Wun (Ip Sik-Ng)

1937-1945 (44-52 age old) Japan invaded China, Foshan fell. The Yip's family went down and experienced hardship. Chau Ching-Chuen, the best friend of Yip Man, assisted Ip from time to time. To return the favour of Chau, Yip Man taught Wing Chun to the son of Chau, Chau Kwong-Yiu and at the same time with Lun Kai, Chan Chi-San, Leui Pak-Ying, Chau Sai-Keung; they were the first disciples of Yip Man

1945-1949 (52-56 years old) Yip Man active between Guangzhou and Foshan. Yip Man instructed Wing Chun by the referral of Pang Nam

1949 (56 years old) Yip Man temporarily lived in his friend's bird shop in Macau for half a month then moved to Hong Kong

1950 (57 years old) By the introduction of his fellow villager Lee Man, Yip Man started his first Wing Chun class at the Restaurant Worker Association on Tai Nam Street in Sham Shui Po. Disciples included Leung Seung, Lok Yiu, Tsui Sheung-Tin, Yip Po-Ching, Chiu Wan, Lee Yan-Wing, Luo Ping, Man Siu-Hung and others

1953-1954 (60-61 years old) The class moved to Hoi Tan Street in Sham Shui Po. Disciples included Wong Shun-Leung, Wong Kiu, Wong Jok, Ng Chan and others. Yip Man also taught private lessons in Yu Chau Street, disciples included Lee Hon and others

1954-1955 (61-62 years old) Class in the Restaurant Workers Association restored. Disciples included Lee Gam-Sing, Gan Wah-Jit, Lo Man-Kam and others.

1955-1957 (62-64 years old) The class changed to Yau Ma Tei. Disciples included Bruce Lee, Leung Shiu-Hung, Chan Sing, Cheung Hok-Kin, Siu Yuk-Man, Pan Kam-Fat and others

1957-1962 (64-69 years old) Yip Man set up his school in Sham Shui Po for five years, disciples included Mak Po, Yeung Hei, Mui Yat, Ho Kam-Ming and others. Yip Man was also being invited for private coaching, disciples included Wong Bak-Yi, Wong Wing, Yeung Chung-Hon, Chau Lok-Yi, Wong Kwok-Yau, Tong Jo-Chi, Lee Wai-Chi, Chan Tak-Chiu, Tam Lai, the brothers Chung Kam-Chun and Chung Wing-Hong and others

1962-1963 (69-70 years old) The school moved to Tai Po. Disciples included Cheung Yiu-Wing, Ho Luen, Cheung Ching-On, Chan Wun-Lam, Chan Tai-Yim, Kwok Si-Yan and others. Private coaching class disciples included Cheng Peter and disciples who learned Wing Chun early in Tsim Sha Tsui.

1963-1965 (70-72 years old) The school was moved to the Tai Sang Restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui. Other than disciple from Tai Po, there were also Wat Yung-Sang, Lee Yan-Wing, Yau Hak-So and others. Yip Man gave also private coaching in San Po Kong, most disciples were policeman, including Tang Sang, Nam Yin-Fat, Yuen Chi-Kong, Lee Yiu-Fai, Wong Kwok and others.

1965 (72 years old) With the advanced age, Yip Man stopped his teaching in Tai Kok Tsui, he sometimes taught in Sham Shui Po as he was partly retired. He also gave individual coaching at his home, disciples included Wong Chung-Wah, Wong Hei, Hon Chak-Chuen and others.

1967 (74 years old) Yip Man hosted The Wing Chun Athletic Association which was the first martial arts organization recognized by the government and the first martial arts society to be officially registered with the government. It is located at 438 Nathan Road. The first Board of Directors included Yeung Chung-Hon, Hui Siu-Cheong, Miu Yin-Wai, Chan Tai-Yim, Chan Wun-Lam, Wat Yung-Sang, Ip Chun. The classes were in charge by Ip Man with the assistance of Cheung Ching-On, Fung Hon and Wong Hon-Chung.

1968-1969 (75-76 years old) Yip Man then taught in Tze Yau Road, Waterloo Road and Siu Fai Toi. Disciples included the brothers Chan Tai-Hong and Chan Kiu-Lung, Wong Tze-On, Chan Kam-Ming, Chung Yau, Lau Hon-Lam, Man Yin-Kwong, Wong Chi-Ming, female disciple Ng Yuet-Do, Yip Sing-Cheuk, the solicitor, and his friends from the legal field.

1972 (79 years old) Under the support of disciples, Yip Man Martial Arts Athletic Association was set up with the goal to unite all Wing Chun clans and to teach and promote Wing Chun, hence, to spread the Kung Fu culture to the world. The founding directors include Yip Man, Ip Ching, Cheung Yiu-Wing, Chan Wai-Hong, Tam Lai, Ho Luen, Lau Hon-Lam; the first chairman of directors was Leung Chung-Wai. It is located at South Wall Road, Kowloon City

1972, 1st December - Yip Man passed away at his home at the age of 79

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